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Version 3.3

Release date: 2018-09-06

This release contains a number of features and fixes reported since the release of pgAdmin4 3.2


Issue #1407 - Add a geometry viewer that can render PostGIS data on a blank canvas or various map sources.
Issue #3503 - Added new backup/restore options for PostgreSQL 11. Added dump options for ‘pg_dumpall’.
Issue #3553 - Add a Spanish translation.

Bug fixes

Issue #3136 - Stabilise feature tests for continuous running on CI systems.
Issue #3191 - Fixed debugger execution issues.
Issue #3313 - Ensure ‘select all’ and ‘unselect all’ working properly for pgAgent schedule.
Issue #3325 - Fix sort/filter dialog issue where it incorrectly requires ASC/DESC.
Issue #3347 - Ensure backup should work with ‘–data-only’ and ‘–schema-only’ for any format.
Issue #3407 - Fix keyboard shortcuts layout in the preferences panel.
Issue #3420 - Merge pgcli code with version 1.10.3, which is used for auto complete feature.
Issue #3461 - Ensure that refreshing a node also updates the Property list.
Issue #3525 - Ensure that refresh button on dashboard should refresh the table.
Issue #3528 - Handle connection errors properly in the Query Tool.
Issue #3547 - Make session implementation thread safe
Issue #3548 - Ensure external table node should be visible only for GPDB.
Issue #3554 - Fix auto scrolling issue in debugger on step in and step out.
Issue #3558 - Fix sort/filter dialog editing issue.
Issue #3561 - Ensure sort/filter dialog should display proper message after losing database connection.
Issue #3578 - Ensure sql for Role should be visible in SQL panel for GPDB.
Issue #3579 - When building the Windows installer, copy system Python packages before installing dependencies to ensure we don’t end up with older versions than intended.
Issue #3604 - Correct the documentation of View/Edit data.