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Version 2.0

Release date: 2017-10-05

This release contains a number of features and fixes reported since the release of pgAdmin4 1.6


Issue #1918 - Add a field to the Server Dialogue allowing users to specify a subset of databases they’d like to see in the treeview
Issue #2135 - Significantly speed up loading of the application
Issue #2556 - Allow for slow vs. fast connection failures
Issue #2579 - Default the file browser view to list, and make it configurable
Issue #2597 - Allow queries to be cancelled from the dashboard and display additional info in the subnode control
Issue #2649 - Support use of SSL certificates for authentication
Issue #2650 - Support use of pgpass files
Issue #2662 - Ship with pre-configured paths that can work in both Server and Desktop modes out of the box
Issue #2689 - Update icons with new designs and remove from menus to de-clutter the UI

Bug fixes

Issue #1165 - Prevent continual polling for graph data on the dashboard if the server is disconnected
Issue #1697 - Update CodeMirror version
Issue #2043 - Properly handle trigger functions with parameters
Issue #2074 - Make $ quoting consistent
Issue #2080 - Fix issue where Browser hangs/crashes when loading data (using sql editor) from table which contains large blob data
Issue #2153 - Fix handline of large file uploads and properly show any errors that may occur
Issue #2168 - Update CodeMirror version
Issue #2170 - Support SSL in the regression tests
Issue #2324 - Fix PostGIS Datatypes in SQL tab, Create / Update dialogues for Table, Column, Foreign Table and Type node
Issue #2447 - Update CodeMirror version
Issue #2452 - Install pgadmin4-v1 1.5 on Centos7
Issue #2501 - Fix collation tests on Windows, replace use of default ‘POSIX’ collation with ‘C’ collation for testing
Issue #2541 - Fix issues using special keys on MacOS
Issue #2544 - Correct malformed query generated when using custom type
Issue #2551 - Show tablespace on partitions
Issue #2555 - Fix issue in Query Tool where messages were not displaying from functions/procedures properly
Issue #2557 - Tidy up tab styling
Issue #2558 - Prevent the tab bar being hidden when detached tabs are being closed
Issue #2559 - Stop tool buttons from changing their styling unexpectedly
Issue #2560 - Fix View ‘CREATE Script’ Problem
Issue #2562 - Update CodeMirror version
Issue #2563 - Fix paths under non-standard virtual directories
Issue #2566 - Fix Pause/Resume Replay of WAL files for PostgreSQL 10
Issue #2567 - Use the proper database connection to fetch the default priviledges in the properties tab of the database
Issue #2582 - Unset compression ratio if it is an empty string in Backup module
Issue #2586 - Cleanup feature tests
Issue #2590 - Allow navigation of query history using the arrow keys
Issue #2592 - Stop Flask from initialising service twice in Debug mode
Issue #2593 - Ensure babel-polyfill is loaded in older qWebKits
Issue #2594 - Fix disconnection of new databases
Issue #2596 - Define the proper NODE_ENV environment during running the webpack
Issue #2606 - Ensure role names are escaped in the membership control
Issue #2616 - Domain create dialog do not open and Font size issue in Security label control
Issue #2617 - Add missing pgagent file in webpack.config.js
Issue #2619 - Fix quoting of index column names on tables
Issue #2620 - Set database name to blank(‘’) when job type is set to batch, while creating pgAgent job
Issue #2631 - Change mapping of cell from ‘numeric’ to ‘integer’ for integer control as numeric cell has been removed from the code
Issue #2633 - Fix pgAgent job step issues
Issue #2634 - Add New Server through Quick links
Issue #2637 - Fix Copy so it still works after query results have been copied
Issue #2641 - User management issues - styling and inability to edit users properly
Issue #2644 - Fix alertify notification messages where checkmark box disconnected from frame
Issue #2646 - Fix the path reference of load-node.gif which was referencing to vendor directory
Issue #2654 - Update datetime picker
Issue #2655 - Fix connection string validation for pgAgent jobs
Issue #2656 - Change Datetimepicker to expand from bottom in pgAgent so calendar does not get hidden
Issue #2657 - Fix syntax error while saving changes for start/end time, weekdays, monthdays, month, hours, minutes while updating the pgAgent Job
Issue #2659 - Fix issue where unable to add/update variables for columns of a table
Issue #2660 - Not able to select rows in History Tab
Issue #2668 - Fix RE-SQL for triggers with a single arg
Issue #2670 - Improve datamodel validations for default Validator if user (developer) does not implement validate function in datamodel
Issue #2671 - Fix array data type formating for bigint, real, float, double precision
Issue #2681 - Reset Query Tool options before running tests
Issue #2684 - Fix layout of password prompt dialogue
Issue #2691 - View data option is missing from pgAdmin4 2.0 version
Issue #2692 - Base type is missing for Domain on pgAdmin4
Issue #2693 - User list is not available on User mapping pgAdmin4
Issue #2698 - User can not create function due to missing return type
Issue #2699 - Filtered Rows issue on pgAdmin4
Issue #2700 - Cancel button is visible after query executed succesfully
Issue #2707 - Disable trigger button does not work on pgAdmin4
Issue #2708 - Tablespace name should displayed instead of %s(new_tablespace)s with Move Objects to another tablespace
Issue #2709 - Display user relations in schema prefixed by ‘pg’
Issue #2713 - Fix an exception seen sometimes when the server is restarted
Issue #2742 - Ensure using an alternate role to connect to a database doesn’t cause an error when checking recovery state.