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Version 1.6

Release date: 2017-07-13

This release contains a number of features and fixes reported since the release of pgAdmin4 1.5


Issue #1344 - Allow the Query Tool, Debugger and web browser tabs to be moved to different monitors as desired
Issue #1533 - Set focus on the first enabled field when a dialogue is opened
Issue #1535 - Teach dialogues about Escape to cancel, Enter to Save/OK, and F1 for help
Issue #1971 - Retain column sizing in the Query Tool results grid when the same query is re-run multiple times in a row
Issue #1972 - Prompt the user to save dirty queries rather than discard them for a more natural workflow
Issue #2137 - On-demand loading for the Query Tool results
Issue #2191 - Add support for the hostaddr connection parameter. This helps us play nicely with Kerberos/SSPI and friends
Issue #2282 - Overhaul the query history tab to allow browsing of the history and full query text
Issue #2379 - Support inserting multiple new rows into a table without clicking Save for each row
Issue #2485 - Add a shortcut to reset the zoom level in the runtime
Issue #2506 - Allow the user to close the dashboard panel
Issue #2513 - Add preferences to enable brace matching and brace closing in the SQL editors

Bug fixes

Issue #1126 - Various FTS dictionary cleanups
Issue #1229 - Fix default values and SQL formatting for event triggers
Issue #1466 - Prevent attempts to debug procedures with variadic arguments
Issue #1525 - Make $ quoting consistent
Issue #1575 - Properly display security labels on EPAS 9.2+
Issue #1795 - Fix validation for external and range types
Issue #1813 - List packages in PPAS 9.2-9.4 when creating synonyms
Issue #1831 - Fix server stats display for EPAS 9.2, where inet needs casting to text for concatenation
Issue #1851 - Reverse engineer SQL for table-returning functions correctly
Issue #1860 - Ensure default values are honoured when adding/editing columns
Issue #1888 - Fix various issues with pgAgent job steps and schedules
Issue #1889 - Fix various issues with pgAgent job steps and schedules
Issue #1890 - Fix various issues with pgAgent job steps and schedules
Issue #1920 - Ensure saved passwords are effective immediately, not just following a restart when first saved
Issue #1928 - Fix the handling of double precision[] type
Issue #1934 - Fix import/export to work as expected with TSV data
Issue #1999 - Handle warning correctly when saving query results to an unmounted USB drive
Issue #2013 - Increase the default size of the Grant Wizard to enable it to properly display privileges at the default size on smaller displays
Issue #2014 - To fix unexpected behaviour displayed if user stops debugging on package/procedure fire_emp
Issue #2043 - Properly handle trigger functions with parameters
Issue #2078 - Refresh the SQL editor view on resize to ensure the contents are re-rendered for the new viewport
Issue #2086 - Allow editing of the WITH ADMIN option of role membership
Issue #2113 - Correct the validation logic when modifying indexes/exclusion constraints
Issue #2116 - Enable dialogue help buttons on Language and Foreign Table dialogues
Issue #2142 - Fix canceling of Grant Wizard on Windows
Issue #2155 - Fix removal of sizes from column definitions
Issue #2162 - Allow non-superusers to debug their own functions and prevent them from setting global breakpoints
Issue #2242 - Fix an issue in NodeAjaxControl caching with cache-node field and add cache-node field in Trigger & Event trigger node so that whenever the user creates new Trigger Function we get new data from server in NodeAjaxControl
Issue #2280 - Handle procedure flags (IMMUTABLE STRICT SECURITY DEFINER PARALLEL RESTRICTED) properly in RE-SQL on EPAS
Issue #2324 - Fix the PostGIS Datatypes in SQL tab, Create / Update dialogues for Table, Column, Foreign Table and Type node
Issue #2344 - Fix issue with ctrl-c / ctrl-v not working in Query Tool
Issue #2348 - Fix issue when resizing columns in Query Too/View Data where all row/colums will select/deselect
Issue #2355 - Properly refresh the parent node when renaming children
Issue #2357 - Cache statistics more reliably
Issue #2381 - Fix the RE-SQL for for views to properly qualify trigger function names
Issue #2386 - Display and allow toggling of trigger enable/disable status from the trigger dialogue
Issue #2398 - Bypass the proxy server for local addresses on Windows
Issue #2400 - Cleanup handling of default/null values when data editing
Issue #2414 - Improve error handling in cases where the user tries to rename or create a server group that would duplicate an existing group
Issue #2417 - Order columns in multi-column pkeys correctly
Issue #2422 - Fix RE-SQL for rules which got the table name wrong in the header and DROP statement
Issue #2425 - Handle composite primary keys correctly when deleting rows in the Edit Grid
Issue #2426 - Allow creation of ENUM types with no members
Issue #2427 - Add numerous missing checks to ensure objects really exist when we think they do
Issue #2435 - Pass the database ID to the Query Tool when using the Script options
Issue #2436 - Ensure the last placeholder is included when generating UPDATE scripts for tables
Issue #2448 - Ensure that boolean checkboxes cycle values in the correct order
Issue #2450 - Fix error on the stats tab with PG10. Also, rename the 10.0_plus template directory to 10_plus to match the new versioning
Issue #2461 - Allow users to remove default values from columns properly
Issue #2468 - Fix issue where function create script won’t compile
Issue #2470 - Fix an intermittent error seen during result polling
Issue #2476 - Improvements to the Query Results grid including improvements to the UI and allow copy/paste from sets of rows, columns or arbitrary blocks of cells
Issue #2477 - Ensure text editors render in an appropriate place on the results grid
Issue #2479 - No need for the menu icon to link to the homepage, as pgAdmin is a SPA
Issue #2482 - Use a more sensible name for Query Tool tabs
Issue #2486 - Ensure the feature tests use the correct test settings database
Issue #2487 - Maintain a client-side cache of preference values, populated using an async call
Issue #2489 - Fix clipboard handling with large datasets
Issue #2492 - Ensure the initial password is properly hashed during setup in web mode
Issue #2498 - Properly handle bytea[], and ‘infinity’::real/real[]
Issue #2502 - Properly handle bytea[], and ‘infinity’::real/real[]
Issue #2503 - Handle missing/dropped synonyms gracefully
Issue #2504 - Update MatView and pgAgent modules to work with recent integer/numeric changes
Issue #2507 - Ensure revoked public privileges are displayed in the RE-SQL for functions
Issue #2518 - Fix encoding issue when saving servers
Issue #2522 - Improve speed of Select All in the results grid
Issue #2527 - Fix deletion of table rows with the column definition having NOT NULL TRUE and HAS NO DEFAULT VALUE
Issue #2528 - Allow breakpoints to be set on triggers on views
Issue #2529 - Resolve a number of issues with domains and domain constraints
Issue #2532 - Refresh nodes correctly when there is a single child that is updated
Issue #2534 - Fix handling of CREATE TABLE OF <type>
Issue #2535 - Fix clear history functionality
Issue #2540 - Ensure the save password option is enabled when creating a server