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Version 1.3

Release date: 2017-03-10

This release contains a number of features and fixes reported since the release of pgAdmin4 1.2.


Issue #2036 - Query tool efficiency - SlickGrid result set format efficiency
Issue #2038 - Query tool efficiency - Incremental back off when polling
Issue #2163 - Make syntax highlighting more visible
Issue #2210 - Build a universal Python wheel instead of per-python-version ones
Issue #2215 - Improve visibility of syntax highlighting colours

Bug fixes

Issue #1796 - Add missing “Run Now” option for pgAdmin jobs
Issue #1797 - Resolve encoding issues with DATA_DIR
Issue #1914 - Resolved error utf8’ codec can’t decode byte
Issue #1983 - Fix bug in Sql query contains Arabic Charaters
Issue #2115 - Fix exclusion constraint reverse engineered SQL
Issue #2119 - Fix display of long integers and decimals
Issue #2126 - Correct node labels in Preferences for EDB functions and procedures
Issue #2151 - Display un-sized varlen column types correctly in the Query Tool
Issue #2154 - Fix display of long integers and decimals
Issue #2159 - Resolve issue where Query editor is not working with Python2.6
Issue #2160 - Various encoding fixes to allow ‘ascii’ codec to decode byte 0xc3 in position 66: ordinal not in range(128)
Issue #2166 - Resolved import/Export issue for a table
Issue #2173 - Resolved issues where Sequences API test cases are not working in PG9.2 and PPAS9.2
Issue #2174 - Resolved various file-system encoding/decoding related cases
Issue #2185 - Removed sorting columns on the treeview
Issue #2192 - Fix startup complete tests to ensure we properly poll the server for completed startup
Issue #2198 - Fix function arguments when generating create SQL
Issue #2200 - Properly handle event trigger functions in different schemas
Issue #2201 - Fix renaming of check constraints when the table name is changed at the same time
Issue #2202 - Fix issue where Dependents query fails due to non ascii characters
Issue #2204 - Fixed issue where pgadmin 4 jobs not showing any activity
Issue #2205 - Fix display of boolean nulls in the Query Tool
Issue #2208 - Ensure primary key column names are quoted in View Data mode of the Query Tool
Issue #2212 - Ensure servers are deleted when their parent group is deleted
Issue #2213 - Enable right click on browser tree
Issue #2218 - Show the correct indeterminate state when editing new boolean values
Issue #2228 - Authenticate the runtime to the server
Issue #2230 - Prevent the Slonik logo obscuring the login dialogue on small displays in server mode