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Version 1.2

Release date: 2017-02-10

This release contains a number of features and fixes reported since the release of pgAdmin4 1.1.


Issue #1375 - Migrate the runtime to QtWebEngine from QtWebKit
Issue #1765 - Find and replace functionality with regexp and group replacement
Issue #1789 - Column width of data output panel should fit to data (as pgAdmin III)
Issue #1790 - [Web] Support setting a field’s value to “null”
Issue #1848 - macOS appbundle is missing postgresql binaries for import etc.
Issue #1910 - Remember last used directory in the file manager
Issue #1911 - Direct path navigation in the file manager
Issue #1922 - Improve handling of corrupt configuration databases
Issue #1963 - Add a Chinese (Simplified) translation
Issue #1964 - Create a docs tarball along with the source tarball
Issue #2025 - Allow the SQL Editors to word-wrap
Issue #2124 - Create a template loader to simplify SQL template location, and remove duplicate templates

Bug fixes

Issue #1227 - Display improved error message for Debugger listener starting error and reset between executions
Issue #1267 - Fix issue where MINIFY_HTML doesn’t work with the docs
Issue #1364 - Ensure dialogue control buttons are consistent
Issue #1394 - Fix Table dialogue column specification issues
Issue #1432 - Enhanced OSX File Browser
Issue #1585 - Cannot save scripts to the network
Issue #1599 - Ensure the grant wizard works with objects with special characters in the name
Issue #1603 - Fix quoting of objects names for external utilities.
Issue #1679 - Re-engineer the background process executor to avoid using sqlite as some builds of components it relies on do not support working in forked children
Issue #1680 - Render column headers at the correct width in the Query Tool under Firefox
Issue #1729 - Improve display of role options
Issue #1730 - Improve the display of role membership on both the properties panel and role dialogue
Issue #1745 - Ensure breakpoints are cleared properly when working with Debugger
Issue #1747 - Add newly created triggers to the treeview
Issue #1780 - Properly size the SQL Editor gutter as the width of the line numbers increases
Issue #1792 - List files and folders alphabetically
Issue #1800 - Handle the template property on databases appropriately
Issue #1801 - Handle databases with datallowconn == false
Issue #1807 - Properly detect when files have changed in the Query Tool and set flag accordingly
Issue #1830 - Fix a SQL error when reverse-engineering ROLE SQL on EPAS servers
Issue #1832 - Prevent attempts to access what may be an empty list in Dependancies tab
Issue #1840 - Enable/disable NULLs and ASC/DESC options for index columns and exclusion constraints appropriately
Issue #1842 - Show index columns in the correct order in RE-SQL
Issue #1855 - Ensure dialogue panels show their errors themselves, and not in the properties panel when creating Trigger Function
Issue #1865 - Properly schema qualify domains when reverse engineering SQL
Issue #1874 - Add file resources to the windows runtime
Issue #1893 - Fix refreshing of Unique constraints
Issue #1896 - Use the correct OID for retrieving properties of freshly created exclusion constraints
Issue #1899 - Properly quote role names when specifying function ownership
Issue #1909 - Handle startup errors more gracefully in the runtime
Issue #1912 - Properly format arguments passed by triggers to functions
Issue #1919 - Ensure all changes to rows are stored in the data editor
Issue #1924 - Ensure the check_option is only set when editing views when appropriate
Issue #1936 - Don’t strip rn from “Download as CSV” batches of rows, as it leads to malformed data
Issue #1937 - Generate mSQL for new schemas correctly
Issue #1938 - Fix sorting of numerics in the statistics grids
Issue #1939 - Updated dynamic default for the window size (90% x 90%)
Issue #1949 - Ensure trigger function names are schema qualified in trigger RE-SQL
Issue #1951 - Fix issue where nnable to browse table columns when oid values exceeed max int
Issue #1953 - Add display messages and notices received in the Query Tool
Issue #1961 - Fix upgrade check on Python 3
Issue #1962 - Ensure treeview collection nodes are translated in the UI
Issue #1967 - Store layout changes on each adjustment
Issue #1976 - Prevent users selecting elements of the UI that shouldn’t be selectable
Issue #1979 - Deal with Function arguments correctly in the properties dialogue
Issue #1986 - Fix various encoding issues with multibyte paths and filenames resulting in empty file save
Issue #1992 - Quote identifiers correctly in auto-complete
Issue #1994 - Update to show modifications in edit grid
Issue #2000 - Allow setting of effective_io_concurrency on tablespaces in 9.6+
Issue #2005 - Fix various mis-spellings of VACUUM
Issue #2006 - Fix error when modifying table name or set schema on tables with postgis geometry column
Issue #2007 - Correctly sort rows by the pkey when viewing first/last 100
Issue #2009 - Reset the column list properly if the access method is changed on an index to ensure error handling works correctly
Issue #2012 - Prevent attempts to create server groups with no name
Issue #2015 - Enable trigger option when user tries to change Row trigger value through properties section
Issue #2024 - Properly handle setting comments and other options on databases with allowconn = False
Issue #2026 - Improve detection of the pldbgapi extension and functions before allowing debugging
Issue #2027 - Fix inconsistent table styling
Issue #2028 - Fix display of double scrollbars on the grant wizard
Issue #2032 - Fix time formatting on dashboards
Issue #2033 - Show icons for unique and exclusion constraints in the dependency/dependents panels
Issue #2045 - Update copyright year on doc page
Issue #2046 - Fix error when setting up regression on Windows for pgadmin4
Issue #2047 - Ensure dialogues cannot be moved under the navbar
Issue #2061 - Enable/disable NULLs and ASC/DESC options for index columns and exclusion constraints appropriately
Issue #2065 - Improve display of columns of exclusion contraints and foreign keys in the properties lists
Issue #2069 - Correct tablespace displayed in table properties
Issue #2076 - Handle sized time/timestamp columns correctly
Issue #2109 - Update copyright year
Issue #2110 - Handle saved directories that no longer exist gracefully
Issue #2112 - Enable comments on Initial database through right Click
Issue #2133 - Fix display of graphical query plans for UPDATE/DELETE queries
Issue #2138 - Fix display of zeros in read-only grid editors
Issue #2139 - Fixed issue causing Message (Connection to the server has been lost.) displayed with Materialized view and view under sql tab
Issue #2152 - Fix handling of “char” columns
Issue #2156 - Added compatibility fixes for newer versions of Jinja2 (e.g. 2.9.5+)