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Version 1.1

Release date: 2016-10-27

This release contains a number of features and fixes reported since the release of pgAdmin4 1.0;


Issue #1328 - Add Python 3.5 Support
Issue #1859 - Include wait information on the activity tab of the dashboards

Bug fixes

Issue #1155 - Display the start value when the user creates sequence
Issue #1531 - Fix to update privileges for Views and Materials Views where “string indices must be integers error” displayed
Issue #1574 - Display SQL in SQL pane for security label in PG and EPAS server
Issue #1576 - Make security label option available in procedure properties
Issue #1577 - Make debug option available for package function and procedure
Issue #1596 - Correct spelling error from evnt_turncate to evnt_truncate
Issue #1599 - Ensure the grant wizard works with objects with special characters in the name
Issue #1622 - Fix issue using special characters when creating synonym
Issue #1728 - Properties refreshing after objects are edited
Issue #1739 - Prevent the user from trying to…..
Issue #1785 - Correctly identify server type upon first connection
Issue #1786 - Ensure errorModel unset property is set correctly when adding a new server
Issue #1808 - Set seconds to valid value in pgAgent job schedule
Issue #1817 - Display message “server does not support ssl” if server with ca-cert or ca-full added
Issue #1821 - Optionally sign both the Mac app bundle and the disk image
Issue #1822 - Handle non-ascii responses from the server when connecting
Issue #1823 - Attempt to sign the Windows installer, failing with a warning if there’s no cert available
Issue #1824 - Add documenation for pgAgent
Issue #1835 - Allow users to choose SELECT permissions for tables and sequences in the grant wizard
Issue #1837 - Fix refreshing of FTS dictionaries which was causing error “Connection to the server has been lost”
Issue #1838 - Don’t append new objects with the wrong parent in tree browser if the correct one isn’t loaded
Issue #1843 - Function definition matches value returned from pg_get_functiondef()
Issue #1845 - Allow refreshing synonym node. Does not display message “Unimplemented method (node) for this url (/browser/synonym/nodes/1/7/14301/2200/test)”
Issue #1847 - Identify the collation correctly when reverse engineering table SQL. ERROR: schema “default” does not exist no longer displayed
Issue #1849 - Remove security keys from
Issue #1857 - Fix error while renaming FTS dictionary and FTS template nodes
Issue #1858 - Ensure the File Manager honours the file type while traversing the directories.
Issue #1861 - Properly generate exclusion constraint SQL.
Issue #1863 - Correctly quote type names in reverse engineered SQL for tables
Issue #1864 - Fix layout of DateTimePicker control help message.
Issue #1867 - Allow package bodies to be dropped.
Issue #1868 - Resolved issue where Integer type of preferences are not updated
Issue #1872 - Fix the file manager when used under Python 3.
Issue #1877 - Ensure preferences values are stored properly.
Issue #1878 - Ensure steps and schedules can be created in empty jobs. ProgrammingError: can’t adapt type ‘Undefined’ was displayed
Issue #1880 - Add new indexes to the correct parent on the treeview.