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Version 6.5

Release date: 2022-02-11

This release contains a number of bug fixes and new features since the release of pgAdmin4 6.4.

New features

Issue #7139 - Added support to open SQL help, Dialog help, and online help in an external web browser.


Issue #7016 - Port Dependent, dependencies, statistics panel to React.
Issue #7017 - Port Import/Export dialog to React.
Issue #7163 - Rename the menu ‘Disconnect Server’ to ‘Disconnect from server’.

Bug fixes

Issue #6916 - Added flag in runtime to disable GPU hardware acceleration.
Issue #7035 - Fixed an issue where connections keep open to (closed) connections on the initial connection to the database server.
Issue #7085 - Ensure that Partitioned tables should be visible correctly when creating multiple partition levels.
Issue #7086 - Correct documentation for ‘Add named restore point’.
Issue #7100 - Fixed an issue where the Browser tree gets disappears when scrolling sequences.
Issue #7109 - Make the size blank for all the directories in the file select dialog.
Issue #7110 - Ensure that cursor should be focused on the first options of the Utility dialogs.
Issue #7118 - Ensure that JSON files should be downloaded properly from the storage manager.
Issue #7123 - Fixed an issue where restore generates incorrect options for the schema.
Issue #7126 - Fixed an issue where the F2 Function key removes browser panel contents.
Issue #7127 - Added validation for Hostname in the server dialog.
Issue #7135 - Enforce the minimum Windows version that the installer will run on.
Issue #7136 - Fixed an issue where the query tool is displaying an incorrect label.
Issue #7142 - Fixed an issue where a warning message was shown after database creation/modification.
Issue #7145 - Ensure that owner should be ignored while comparing extensions.
Issue #7146 - Fixed event trigger comparing issue in Schema Diff tool.
Issue #7150 - Fixed an issue when uploading a CSV throwing an error in the Desktop mode.
Issue #7151 - Fixed value error in the restore dialog.
Issue #7154 - Ensure that the layout should not be reset if a query tool is opened and pgAdmin is restarted.