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Version 1.5

Release date: 2017-05-19

This release contains a number of features and fixes reported since the release of pgAdmin4 1.4.


Issue #2216 - Allow column or row selection in the Query Tool

Bug fixes

Issue #2225 - Hide menu options for creating objects, if the object type is set to hidden. Includes Jasmine tests
Issue #2253 - Fix various issues in CSV file download feature
Issue #2257 - Improve handling of nulls and default values in the data editor
Issue #2271 - Don’t change the trigger icon back to “enabled” when the trigger is updated when it’s disabled
Issue #2284 - Allow creation of tables with pure numeric names
Issue #2292 - Only reconnect to databases that were previously connected
Issue #2314 - Fix various issues in CSV file download feature
Issue #2315 - Fix sorting of sizes on the statistics views by sorting raw values and prettifying on the client side. Includes Jasmine tests for the prettyfying function
Issue #2318 - Order foreign table columns correctly
Issue #2331 - Fix binary search algorithm so new treeview nodes are added in the correct position
Issue #2336 - Update inode info when refreshing treeview nodes.
Issue #2339 - Ensure the treeview can be scrolled horizontally
Issue #2350 - Fix handling of default parameters ordering in functions
Issue #2354 - Fix the Backup module where it was not working if user changes its preference language other than English
Issue #2356 - Ensure errors thrown when deleting rows in the Query Tool in edit mode are shown properly
Issue #2360 - Fix various issues in CSV file download feature
Issue #2369 - Support loading files with Unicode BOMs
Issue #2377 - Update psycopg2 version for PostgreSQL 10 compatibility
Issue #2379 - Make various improvements to the NULL/DEFAULT handling in the data editor
Issue #2405 - Ensure object names are properly escaped for external process management
Issue #2410 - Fix PostgreSQL 10.0 compatibility issues