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This roadmap outlines the work that is hoped will be done in the 1.17 development cycle for release in version 1.18 of pgAdmin.

  • PostgreSQL compatibility
    • Complete 9.3 support
    • Finish 8.3 support with operator family objets' creation [GL]
    • Finish 7.4 (?) support with operator class objects' creation [GL]
  • Code housekeeping
    • Check for and remove any custom controls that are now implemented in wxWidgets.
    • Check for the use of wxWidgets 2.9/3.0.
  • Functionality
    • Custom reports in frmStatus [GL]
    • Graphs in frmStatus [GL]
    • Redesign Table dialogue to remove sub-dialogues where possible and replace with grid style UI [GL]
    • Data tune-up options for slow queries (requires XML EXPLAIN in PG 8.4) [DP]
    • pgsql-performance report tool for problematic queries (requires XML EXPLAIN in PG 8.4) [DP]
    • Add a dialog to allow the user to set a global breakpoint in a specific backend process [DP]
    • Add printing support to the query tool (and other styled text controls?) [DP/AV]